Gold is one of the most popular choice of metal that we often choose to wear and use on daily bases. In its purest state we can distinct it almost immediately from the bright glowing yellow color, however in this state gold are also very fragile this has led to many jewelers to innovate in creating material as glowing as gold but not as fragile.

Today when you go to jewelry store we often are offered different karats of gold for different jewelries what does that mean and which one is actually better?

Firstly what does this different number of karats mean. Some store uses 18 karat gold, some uses 9 karat gold what is the different? They are all gold aren’t they? That is what often crosses our mind the first time we heard those terms. Well the first thing you need to know as a smart buyer is to know the meaning of those number.

A 24 karat gold is considered the purest form of gold which means the metal does not contain anything else it is just pure gold. The lower the karat goes the fewer the gold content is within that metal. For example 18 karat gold means that only 75% of the metal is made out of gold the rest of it could be different metals such as nickel/copper/zinc or other metals. The purpose of jewelers mixing the gold with such metals is to hardened them so it would not be as fragile. This is done to enable the gold to be hard enough to bind and crafted with precious stones such as diamond, ruby, sapphire, etc.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing gold with lower of higher purity?

Gold with higher purity has more gold content however since there are lesser metal that hardens them they tend to more fragile and are not very suitable to bind precious stones with. However, since they have more gold content they tend to have a more intense shine since they have more gold content. They are also less likely to cause allergic reaction such as rash in people that have skin that are sensitive to specific metal such as nickel if they are present within the alloy. The higher gold karat also means that they become more expensive in terms of price due to the higher gold content within the alloy.

Gold with lower purity has less gold content they have less intense color compare to the gold variety with higher purity but what they do have is durability since they are much harder compare to gold with higher purity making them more suitable to use to bind precious stones and use on daily bases since they are less likely to be scratched as easy as they gold with higher purity. However with more different metal mixture in them they have a higher likelihood to cause allergic reaction to people that are sensitive with specific metals.

At Athena Jewellery we use mostly 18 karat gold which has durability and also shine. 18 karat gold is not just durable but also they are purer making them less likely to trigger allergic reaction to its wearer. It is also hard enough to beautifully craft diamond and other precious stones. Making it a perfect fit for you who want elegant, safety, and durability.